What it covers

Builders Insurance cover can include:

Construction Insurance to cover the works themselves, including any stock or materials on site and existing structures,

Public Liability Insurance will protect you against any claims from a Third Party (other than your employees) who may suffer bodily injury or damage to their property, that occurs during the normal operation of your business.

Products Liability Insurance covers your business from any liabilities from a Third Party bodily injury (other than your employees) or damage to their property that may occur from products and materials you sold or supplied.

Tools, Plant and Equipment will protect your tools and equipment against loss, damage or destruction, on or off site. Choose from various levels of indemnity to cover your tools and equipment and stay in business.

Personal Accident covers you against injury as a result of an accident. You can select from a range of options for Capital Sum Insured Benefits and Weekly Injury Benefits received in the event of accidental death, permanent injury or disablement.